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Glasgow Hockey team need for personalised clothes and hoodies

When a Glasgow based hockey team wanted to revamp their image into a more modern hockey team they turned to us with some funky ideas. They wanted all their team to wear purple hoodie which is quite in fashion right now plus with their team crest embroidered onto the left breast. Further more they wanted their custom initials embroidered in gold thread on the right breast position to give it that added touch. It took a week for us to delivery their goods and they were very pleased and ready to go for the new season.

So what did it cost the Glasgow Hockey Team?

So what was the costing for the Glasgow hockey crest. Well since this was a bulk order the plain hoodies were priced at £4.50 plus the embroidery was costing an additional £2.80 per hoodie. The custom name initials on the right breast cost them £3.20 - this ensured that all tops were personalised with each member's team name.

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