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Ash grey hoodie

Ash Grey Hoodie £4.25, Plain Ash Grey hoodies, Grey Hooded Sweatshirts

The light grey hoodie tops which we offer has a melange effect to the pullover. Since the top has a light ground this means that customers can have a dark colour print on the hoody. The ash grey is the best choice for colleges and university students.

So what is the cost of Ash Grey Hoody in pullover and zip style?

The ash grey hoody are available in both the pull over and zip up hoody style. The zip style has a conceal zip feature means they can be printed across the zip. They are sold either blank or can be customised with either printing or embroidery. The ash grey tops are priced at £4.25 per piece where as the zip up tops are priced at £5.25. For bulk buy contact us for the best quote.

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