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Different Methods Used For Printing on Leaver Hoodies

2017-06-14 05:57:37 By: Ethic Times Read: 3724
Different Methods Used For Printing on Leaver Hoodies

These days there are a large number of different t-shirt printing methods available in the market. Other than leaver hoodies, these printing methods are also used for making printed shirts, printed tops, printed sweatshirts etc.

Among different methods used for printing some of the famous methods which are widely used on leaver hoodies are screen printing method, heat transfer method, and vinyl method. All of these printing methods are described below in detail-


Heat Transfer Method

Heat transfer is probably the most common method used for printing hoodies. The heat transfer method allows easy customisation of the design prints. But it is important to note that heat transfer prints are of less quality as compared to prints made from screen printing. Also, the prints crack and wash out after an average of 25 washes. This type is best for small orders.


Screen Printing Method

Screen printing is another method popular today. This type of printing assures very high-quality prints on leaver hoodies and is the most economical in terms of price to quality ratios. The print that it produces is very durable and long lasting. But, there are some flaws too of screen printing. The screen printing method is highly limited when it comes to colour options. It is also very limited when it comes to the sizes of the graphics and is very tedious to setup. Therefore most businesses require a minimum order to get the process going.


Direct garment Method

Another one of the most famous methods of printing which is widely used is DTG (Directto garment method). This method is much easier to do because there are fewer steps involved and the setup process is very quick. The print designs on this method are also very easy to customise.

The problem with this type of method is that the shirt becomes the brightest aspect of the graphic design. Because of this, good prints are hard to make on dark coloured shirts. Then there is the vinyl printing method. Vinyl printing is good for a really small run. But real, long runs do not suit this t-shirt printing method because it would not be practical. It also has limited detail.

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