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Pigment Migration

Pigment migration problems when printing hoodies and how to solve it

Pigment migration is a common problem which occurs when printing on hoodies which are a polyester mix fabric. The plastisol ink used in screen printing trends to migrate due the polyester fibres hence causing this shadow effect which spoils the whole look of the garment. The next step which many screen printers do to avoid this problem is just to buy 100% cotton hoodies which are more expensive and then there is the issue of shrinkage. Since 100% cotton hoodies are more expensive then when they are personalised then end product works out very expensive. Now what many people do not know that a poly cotton hoody knitted in a particular way can avoid this problem i.e. have the surface made from 100% cotton which interacts with the plastisol ink so there is no migration and have the razing inside the top made from the polyester portion. Hence that keeps the cost down and at the same time the use of polyester ensures shrinkage is kept under control.

Best brand to use is the S&S or 100% cotton hoodies

From all the brands S&S is the best since it follows those rules high lighted above. The quality is excellent since it has a smooth surface because it is made from the 100% cotton and the inner razing for the comfort inside (which has the polyester on the inner side).

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