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Pink hoodie

Pink Hoodie, Baby colour pink hoody ready to be personalised, pink zip hoodies

As part of our range we also have light pink hoodies in stock which are an ideal choice for ladies. These pink hoody can be brought either blank or you can have your own slogan or design personalised on to it. The sizes which are on offer in the pink hoodie is Small (which is a 38" complete chest fit), Medium (40"), Large (42") and Xlarge (44").

Costing for Pink Hoodies

The pack rate for the pink hoodies are £4.25 howver if you have a larger order then contact us for better rates. If you want your design printed on to the hoody then contact us since some designs are not expensive to print or embroidery. We have these both in the pullover style and the zip style which is priced at £5.25 per pink zipper.

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