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The Making of Ultimate Leavers Hoodies

2017-08-29 10:45:50 By: Ethic Times Read: 1641
The Making of Ultimate Leavers Hoodies

Personalised hoodies is one the leading suppliers of both plain and personalised hoodies in and around UK. We work to provide our customers with the best collection of personalised ultimate leaver hoodies for school kids, college students and university teams at an affordable price range.

Here is the detailed process we follow in the making of ultimate leavers hoodies:

  • Why Ultimate leavers hoodies

Personalised hoodies work to make the ordinary leavers hoodies collection an ultimate one. We carry out the work for all the student unions, bodies and organizations and people have trusted us for decades in the same. We provide you the freedom to choose your hoodie and help us customize the same in the way you want it. We keep in mind to use the highest quality fabrics for the personalisation you desire.

  • Choosing the design

Once you have chosen the design that you need to be printed on the leaver hoodie, our experts approve the same with in the minimum time span. In this communication phase you can always  tell our team what all you want to be  a part of the printed design, e-mail us the images or text  you want to be printed and get rid of the extras you think won't suit the design. Our experts make it a point to provide the best noteworthy guidance to our customers.

  • Approving the finalized design

Once you have chosen the design, the next part of the process lies with our experts who work to rectify your design.During this phase they also work on color mixing as soon the same is going to leave an impression on your new collection of ultimate leaver hoodies. The major processing of personalised hoodies lies on the base of this phase.

  • Screen Printing

The design you choose is printed on the garment with the help of a stretched frame, which allows the designs and images to make their way on the garment. All the orders in bulk are handled easily through the well known process of screen printing. In case you want the names of students to be printed on the leaver hoodies, another process known as vinyl and heat press takes place. This can take longer time for bulky order but we work to satisfy our customers and that too at the earliest.

  •  Embroidery

Personalised hoodies merchandising makes use of another well known technique for the process, known as embroidery. Digitizing the logo of the university into a format that embroidery machines accept is done by the professionals and the same is then embroidered on the hoodies. No matter how complex the logo is, we can get the best out of it on the hoodies.

  • Delivery

This is the last stage of the process  but cannot really be ignored. We provide deliveries at your doorstep for your order at the earliest. Do not forget to order in bulk with us to avail the best benefits


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